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When You Meet Your Doppelganger on the Road, You Must Make Out With Them is a two-player  game about meeting your doppelganger on the road and then making the decision about whether or not to make out with them. It is a game about horror and intimacy, about self-identity and self-love and self-destruction.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Just read this today. It's exceptional. Provocative of player desire. Suggestive of its situations and elements and then trusts what you do with them. Intense climactic outcome possibilities. Probably the best de-role/debrief procedure I've seen in an immersive horror game. Betrays a lot of insight into intimacy, creativity, player motivation, and play in its procedures.


This is exactly what it says on the tin.

The layout is exquisite, it's a neat concept, and there's quite a bit of safety mechanics, but also it may not be for everyone.

It's pretty much a two-player larp, and it absolutely revolves around themes of eroticism and horror. The basic premise is that you're a driver who picks up a hitchhiker (or a hitchhiker who gets in with a driver) and the other person looks exactly like you. Depending on how things work out, one of you might be attacked by the other at the end, and you're definitely intended to make out at some point, so again this may not be for everyone.

Probably the intended player base is two people who are already comfortable with / want to make out with each other. Also it's perfectly possible to play this game by going on a road trip to a motel and then making out, so if any of that has caught your interest, buy a copy.

Minor Issues:

-Page 7, What does your flesh and heart yearn for?, "now is the true to reveal it" time?