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Gender Repeal Party is a freeform larp about gender euphoria, the rejection of the heteronormative boxes that society places us into, and the power of queer community. It's a game of riotous emotions and powerful support networks. Over the course of an evening at a party thrown for the trans members of the local queer community, everyone will have a chance to tear up their birth certificates and repeal the gender they had been assigned and embrace their actual gender.

Any trans or any non-binary people who wish to play this game may private message me for a free copy.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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These copies are presented for low income individuals or people from at-risk communities, and any trans and/or nonbinary people who are interested!


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I'm sorry, perhaps this is some kinda typo or brain fart, but on page 12, under the "Trans/Non-binary" header it says "Trans characters and cis non-binary characters are the core of the play experience. I'm not sure what this means. Are you implying non-binary people are cis? I'm just confused.

Sorry about the confusion! Some non-binary people identify as trans, but not all of them do so. Trans non-binary characters are covered under trans characters, while cis non-binary is separated out to make it clear that they also relevant and they are also valid.

Ooookay. While I never in my life met a nonbinary person that IDed as cis, I suppose that is fair

Sup. Intersex people who are nb many times identify as cis.

You know, valid. I've never personally met an intersex enby that specifically asked me to call them cis, but I can definitely see why they'd ID that way.